This is a blog for all the travelers out there that want to see their world, their country, their state, their city, their town and yes even their own backyard like we see it portrayed on network television. This is a blog that will show you how or at least offer some good suggestions on how to make the most out of exploring the world around you.

The simple fact is us regular travelers do not have “fixers” to help us navigate and keep us out of trouble in foreign countries. Most of us are not going to sit down for a nice home cooked meal with a random, native, friendly, family as we travel. We won’t have the opportunity to ask them all about their lives in this country and what they would recommend we do and see while we are there. And even if those resources were readily available we can’t all afford to hire them anyway. Don’t get me wrong I love those shows. Some of them are part of the reason I started exploring in the first place. To be fair, they do give some pretty good suggestions on what to see and do as you make your own way through a chosen location. But a lot of what those shows do is not realistic for a regular guy or girl like you or me. We have to plan a vacation on a reasonable timeframe and budget. We all work and have responsibilities to live up to. So, as self-proclaimed amateur travelers, my wife and I can only take a max of 2 vacations per year. Heck we’re lucky to do that much. Most people I know can break away from their daily lives far less. So the challenge then boils down to this: How do you squeeze every drop of vacation out of your vacation? You don’t want to come home thinking you wasted time in one place or another because you were lost or something didn’t go to plan. I think this is why resorts are so popular. Leave all your cares behind and let them cater to your every need and whim. That’s all well and good, believe me, we have been to more than our fair share, but do you really feel like you saw Jamaica from that resort? Do you think you could have safely seen the “real” Jamaica on your own? Some of these resort Islands are quite dangerous for tourists and if you don’t have a guide to lead the way you can get into a lot of trouble. This brings up the first question you should ask yourself before booking a trip: What do I want to get out of my vacation?

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