Icelandic Arrival

RainbowI hate change. Yet somehow, I find myself traversing the wild Icelandic terrain having quit my job and bought a house, both in the past 10 days. It’s funny how life thwarts thoughtful intentions in such serendipitous ways.

So, what’s the plan from here? Short term . . . I have no idea! We’ve booked a few hotels and picked up the rental car. Paul assures me he has everything under control, but I’m not so certain. This is definitely going to be interesting. Oh well, velkominn til Island (welcome to Iceland)!

So how does one end up in the Arctic without a plan? You marry a master negotiator who understands, the art of persuasion is all about timing. Take a sweltering June afternoon, add a strategically placed glass of Pinot, mix in two cheap tickets to Iceland just one click away and presto, off you go!Thingvellir Falls

Then the research begins, followed by the realization that this place is insanely expensive and the firm declaration that I am never booking airline tickets again without investigating!  WaterfallAfter micromanaging the hotel booking process and lowering expectations to anything without a shared bathroom that’s under $250 a night, travel planning is put on hold.  We finally find “the house” but it’s going to require a contractor and about three months of work. The day we close, another surprise! After three weeks of intense interviews, I’m offered a new job.  With things in full swing on the home front, we hop on a plane with travel plans still undecided.  Let the Artic adventure begin!

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